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Electrical Inspection Reports

What is an electrical inspection report?
An electrical inspection report is a detailed report on the condition of an electrical installation to ensure wiring is safe and in working order.

Electrical installations deteriorate over time due to general wear and tear.  If you are considering buying a property, then it would be wise to invest in a report before making your final decision.  On the other hand, if you are renting out your property, a report can ensure that your electrical wiring is safe for your tenants. 

How often should you have an electrical inspection carried out?
Generally speaking for Domestic properties every 10 years is sufficient or every change of ownership.

What is involved in an electrical inspection report?
An inspection of the electrics is carried out paying particular attention to signs of damage, wear and tear or ageing components.  The consumer unit or fuse board, main supply, earthing, sockets, switches and outlets are checked ensure that cables supplying them are installed properly and are suitable for the intended purpose and continued use.  

Cables however, that are concealed in walls under floors or in conduit are not inspected, as this would not be practical.  Any observations that are made during the inspection are noted and prioritised showing items that require urgent repairs, improvements or require further investigation. 

Older buildings may have some components of their installation that do not comply with current AS/NZS 3000 wiring rules or lack compulsory items required (such as isolation switches) by these standards.  This may be due to such standards not existing at the time of construction.  These issues are also addressed in the report.